In France, in the countryside of South Brittany, in the heart of the wonderful forests of Camors and Floranges.


An hour from Rennes, 20 minutes from Auray, and only 30 minutes from the seaside.


Your caravan is cosy and comfortable. It has a sleeping accomodation for up to four persons, with a double bed (folding table during the day) and bunk beds.

Caravan are fully equiped for self-sufficiency : gas cooker, sink, cooking and cleaning ustensils, cutlery, storage space and water container, lightled


Caravan are generally occupied until 5 p.m on the day of your arrival. This spare time is an opportunity for you to visit the local shops and stock-up with at least 3-day food and provisions, 5-day ideally.

You will be introduced to your horse. You are required to spend the first night in the caravan at our base.

After an introduction to harnessing and handling the caravan on the first morning, you will take the road accompanying with our dover. You will stops at farms, equestrian guest-houses, a cider house and other unusual places. You may also visit the clog­-maker’s workshop and the Goblins’ valley on your way. You will travel between 7 and 12 km per day. This will takes you between 2 and 4 hours depending on the pace you will choose.

The last night will be spent in our caravan at our base. The caravan shall be vacated before 10.00 a.m on the day of departure, the interval before the arrival of the new guests being needed.


Your horse has been selected for his good disposition, health, safety and friendliness. It has been specially trained to be suitable for the work.

The horse breeded selected is the local Britain Draught.

You will be shown how to yoke and unyoke, harness and unharness, inspect horse-shoes and areas underneath the harness, how to water and feed the horse. The horse food will be provided at each stops.

The welfare of the animal will be entrusted to you. You may have very little experience of horses, but your horse has plenty of experience of people !


A private car-park is at your disposal at our base.

The whole travel documents (roadbooks, maps) will be given to you at your arrival.

You are asked to bring your linen with you : we recommend to use sleeping bags.

Don’t forget to bring torches, raincoats and good shoes !

The deposit (250 € ) shall be paid by cash at your arrival.


Weekend : 2 days (Friday evening to Sunday evening) = 360 euros

Long weekend : 3 days = 510 €

Week :  6 days (Saturday evening to Saturday 10 am) = 980 €


By train :

The closest train station is in AURAY. You can book here :

The taxi from AURAY to our base take 20 minutes and costs about 35  If you need a lift, please, let us know and we will arrange it for you.

By plane :

There are few airports around in Lorient :, Nantes :, and Rennes :

You will then have to travel by train from either of these airports to AURAY.